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Artist statement

I have been in love with color all my life  It is one of the main things that motivates my work, as well as nature.  The comment I most often hear about my art is “It makes me smile.

Travel and daily life offer me new shapes, colors and patterns to incorporate into my work. I love watching what the Universe “lights up” for me to use on a daily basis.


Judy’s BFA was gained at Washington University, St. Louis with subsequent studies in Europe and Mexico.  She has shown her work in Europe and the US and is in numerous collections.

She has taught printmaking and painting for 30 years and is now teaching printmaking, bookarts and acrylic techniques at ArtCenter Sarasota.

The Chemically Sensitive Experience

Several years ago I became chemically sensitive to most art supplies, so I took a year off from studio work and worked on my health.

I decided to set up a non-toxic a studio. That meant waterbased materials  including Akua printmaking inks.  I have used and taught them of several years now and love them. It has paid off and I am now working again with acrylics, encaustic, bookarts and printmaking with water based inks.  But I am always careful about things that spray and outgas.  It has been fun exploring different media, offering an opportunity to be creative.

About Judy

I moved back to Sarasota after living in the high desert of Santa Fe, for many years. Winter and altitude were too wearing on me.

It is exciting to be “home” where colors, patterns and images are familiar yet new. It is going to be interesting to see what unfolds in the studio. Very exciting!

I am teaching printmaking, bookarts and acrylic techniques at The Art Center Sarasota. It is enjoyable to be teaching again.