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My Experience with Water-based Inks

I find that low toxicity is a more appropriate term for water-based printing inks than non-toxic.  About 6 years ago I became allergic to all the art materials I was using.  I took a year off and then found Akua printmaking inks and they gave me a chance to get back into the studio.  Since that time I have added a number of other materials to my printmaking, always being careful about outgasing.  When I was using oil-based inks or acrylic paints the fumes caused an overload on my system and I became ill.

Pigments, binders and solvents all have the propensity to overload my system when exposed to them on an ongoing basis.  So I work with water-based materials in a well ventilated studio.  This has come about after many years of “casual” safety practices.

Many artists have had to give up printmaking because of the toxicity of traditional materials.  With the new cutting edge water-based inks, printmaking is now an option again.